5 styling tips for your home

Before I give you some of my favorite styling tips let me quickly introduce myself! I’m Jess, the second face behind Style Society! Before starting this business adventure with Emily, I was an interior designer, furniture refinisher and a collector of all things vintage (which I still am, just look at our inventory collection!) These days I wear all the hats but spend most of my time dreaming, designing, styling and scouring for new treasures to add to our collection! No project or day is ever the same and that is why I love what I do! Okay now let’s get into the fun stuff!!

1 Try it before you buy it

I often hear that people don’t know what goes together, what looks good together or they don’t want to make a purchase that they’re going to later regret. So, trying it before you buy it is an easy solution! If your shopping at a local home goods store grab a few items that you’re interested in and play with them before purchasing! Find a bookshelf to style, or create a centerpiece on one of the tables, or lay your wall décor on the floor to get a feel of what it will look like in your own space. Don’t be afraid of “messing up the store displays” they want you to be happy with your purchase! Another way to test out your new décor is to take it home. Spend the afternoon playing with your new purchase in your home, if you don’t like it then return it! There’s no problem with returning something that didn’t work in your space like you were hoping it would.

2 Mixing materials

I always recommend mixing materials when styling your space. It helps add texture, color and interest! For example, if your styling a shelf try to use pieces that are glass, metal and wood. Look at your space, what materials do you use a lot? Do you have a lot of pieces that are wood and metal then add some fabrics or glass to help “soften” things up.

3 Play with heights

Height is very important it helps draw the eye indifferent directions through out your space. When everything is low it brings, they eye down and makes the room appear small and lacking. By bringing in taller pieces it draws the eye up, creates dimension and therefore makes the space appear larger. Some pieces I recommend using are floor lamps, tall plants, blankets ladders, long mirrors or artwork, curtains, or even furniture with higher backs. Use this tip when styling shelves or tables as well! Make sure to use items of various sizes to help crate visual interest.

4 That rug really tied the room together The Big Lebowski.

He’s right, a rug really does tie the room all together, so make sure you have one! A rug is a great way to ground a space, create layers, add texture, color or pattern! A rug is a great piece to work from as well. If your ever stuck and don’t know how to add in an accent color pull from your rug. If your rug has blues in it then your décor should too! Add some fun throw pillows, blankets or wall decor that compliment your rug. This helps create a cohesive and thoughtful look.

5. Design for YOU

Get inspired by spaces you see on Pinterest, Instagram or magazines but don’t copy them. Your space should be a reflection of you. Style with items that make you happy, tell a story or get you excited. An easy way to do this is by displaying your favorite photos, frame your kid’s art, or hang your own artwork! (I did this by framing a collection of prints I had from an art class I took in college.) Or try showing off your favorite pieces. Maybe your grandma gave you an antique coffee table that you just love! Then put it in your living room so that it can be the center of attention... literally! If you love it then display it. There are no rules when styling your space so have fun, get creative and mix things up!

Styling your home should be an enjoyable process so make sure to have some fun! I usually suggest starting with what you have and then go from there! Once you get a sense of what you have and what is missing you can create a game plan! Select one room at a time or even one area in that room. For example focus on the living room and start with finding a rug, then some accent pillows and wall decor, and then maybe the finishing touches will be styling a built in or a bookshelf! Before you know it you'll have a space that you love!