Creating Community Through Coworking

Hey babes, Emily here! Happy February! It’s my turn to share on the blog, so I wanted to share a little about our coworking days that we recently launched and how we came up with the idea! I hope that this idea excites you as much as it does us and that you join us sometime, we'd love to have you!

So here's the nitty gritty,

Being an entrepreneur is hard. There I said it. Most of the time it's amazing and empowering, but sometimes it's overwhelming, scary, and even lonely. Seriously. That’s why a lot of people don’t even try the whole "entrepreneurial thing" and those who do try, fail or give up. I know that our situation is a little different because Jess and I have each other, but let me tell you, we still ride that emotional roller coaster and honestly, we often times work independently and feel the feels alone. SO as we were setting our Style Society new year’s resolutions and coming up with our 2020 goals we decided that COMMUNITY needed to be at the forefront of our minds through everything that we do. How do we find community? How do we create community? What does the community that we want to be a part of look like? Who else needs community? All the questions swarmed our heads. Before you knew it we were tossing around the idea of starting coworking days at the Clubhouse! We knew that we couldn't be the only ones feeling this way, and we have this creative space right at our fingertips so why not invite others in to use it with us!? We thought that this could be a great opportunity to create a space for community that feels natural, genuine, organic and hopefully inspiring!

So, why would someone want to come to the clubhouse to work? Well, I'll give you three reasons why I think the clubhouse makes for a great coworking space!


It creates the opportunity to make connections. Most of us work alone in a home office or bounce around from coffee shop to coffee shop interacting with sometimes no one all day long! By coming to the clubhouse you have the opportunity to meet like minded individuals who know the struggle, who you can confide in, share ideas with and simply know that you are not alone! And that right there, is the magic of human connection, and we all need it!

Meeting people as an adult is hard and as an entrepreneur its even HARDER! So we want to give you a space where you can do just that, meet some amazing new people! A space where you can engage in conversation, learn new perspectives and get inspired! So not only can you you come to the clubhouse to get work done, but you can network too! Just think of it as a super laid back networking opportunity that you can take at your own pace, stay as long as you'd like and know that we're all here for the same reason! No pressure, no judgment and all fellow introverts are welcome! And hey, if you have too much shit to do, that’s okay too! knock out that to do list!


It’s a comfortable space to get shit done. We have set up a variety of spaces to work the way you work best! Like to set up at a table? No prob! Wanna snuggle on the couch? We have plenty of those! Heck if you wanna lay on the floor and work, go crazy! There is no pressure to meet and connect with the others using the clubhouse. We genuinely want you to get whatever you want or need to get out of the day! So if that means hunkering down and banging away at the keyboard all day or feverishly sketching in a quiet corner, as long as you’re happy, so are we! We just know how nice it can be to get out of the home office and into a new environment sometimes. It does wonders for the brain and your energy! Speaking of energy, we have all snack and supplies on hand so, don’t forget to grab a water (gotta stay hydrated), a snack (they are free, and your brain needs food!)


It’s the perfect space to get inspired & make some magic! Not only is the clubhouse a cool space, but we have so much stuff for you to play with that the opportunities are endless! If you want to play with flatlays, we’ve got the tools. Wanna take some head shots? We have TONS of great spots for that! Want to style a tablescape? We’ve got all that too! Design a lounge? Go for it! Need to take some product photos? No problem! And you know what?! If you need a little help with any of that, we’re here for ya! So get inspired, get crazy and let those creative juices flow!

So do you see what I mean? It’s pretty much perfect. And as an introvert I definitely appreciate a more lax approach to networking and connecting with people. I seriously have had nightmares about standing in front of groups of people telling them fun facts about myself, but this I can do!

We tried out our first few coworking days in January and we had a great response! It was so much fun to see how people actually used the space, our pieces, and the connections that were made or strengthened in the clubhouse! So much so that we decided to do it again in February! We will be hosting coworking days this month on Friday the 21st and Sunday the 23rd! I will attach the links to the tickets and make sure to use the code “ireadyourblog” for $5 off!

Hope to see you there!