About us. 

We are Jess and Emily, the creative minds behind Style Society. It all started because of Emily’s passion for events, Jess’s passion for interior design, a big fat dream, an old warehouse building and a love (okay maybe, an obsession) for vintage goods! We dreamed up this crazy adventure of ours for a few months and decided to go big or go home, because heck what else were we going to do!? Plus, our garages we’re full of vintage goodies and we needed to do something about it. The pieces deserved to see that spotlight and be celebrated instead of sitting there buried and collecting dust. So long story short, Style Society was born! A big dream, lots of hard work, collecting and guts has transformed into what we call Style Society, a style hub located in Northeast Minneapolis. We offer everything that we are passionate about, vintage rentals, styling and a creative studio that we call the Clubhouse! The Clubhouse is the perfect space for photoshoots, workshops, meetings, and creative collaborations! All we want to do is share our beautiful treasures with you, continue to grow and collect, bring the style in any ways that we can and help you throw one heck of a party!


Jess is an interior designer who is passionate about design, treasure hunting, chasing dreams and all things vintage! She lives by the quote “Every room needs a touch of black, just as it needs at least one antique piece,” – Jan Showers. When she’s not constantly collecting new goodies for our inventory or helping Emily build an empire, she’s enjoying the little things, the good ol things!  Jess loves to explore new dive bars like a true Wisconsinite, go on spontaneous adventures, eat lots of tacos, chocolate and cheese, dream about her future goat farm, experiment in the kitchen and laugh until her cheeks hurt!


Emily is the definition of a virgo. A shy overthinker with great attention to detail and an overly empathetic heart. Antiques and a love of all things vintage is in her blood. Growing up, her Mother, Grandmother, and Great Grandmother all owned antique shops, so she knows more than a thing or two about cranberry hobnail and victorian style furniture. Emily also has a deep love for flowers. She started working at a flower shop in high school and quickly fell in love. Along with Style Society, she is also part owner of Moody Hues Floral. When she’s not working (haha funny joke) she is playing with her adorable dog Finn, hangin with her boyfriend Chris, exploring the city, trying new restaurants, or watching a true crime show.